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You Are The Masterpiece

For many years I have been exploring painting on my clothing and shoes. At times it was a last minute search to find a pair of shoes to match a shirt and realizing that I did not have it in my closet. But what I did have was a pair of scuffed up heels, some paint and a great idea of what color I needed to go with my outfit. My thought, "You have nothing to loose when embellishing a pair of beat up shoes" and yes, these heels needed some HEALING (LOL). So why not share with the world that my "ART HEELS/HEALS" (Yes, I'm having fun with this). I had no idea that these shoes would have people stop me to ask where I got them from and also commission me to paint theirs. In addition, I began art workshops for women, "Art Heels". Art therapy workshops, Sole therapy (LOL) for women.

I am now launching my new clothing line! Here are some shirts that I have painted and have been purchased by several people during different events that I have been apart of. Stay tuned for more, as I expand my latest, one of a kind clothing line..."You are the Masterpiece!" by Elena the Artist.

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