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The Creation of "Beautiful"

In November 2013, I began creating art with a very special group of women at the Ruby House (Transitional housing for women and children) in Los Angeles. In March 2014, I curated an exhibit, "Sacred, Empowering Women Through Art" that featured their art along with other amazing guest artists.

A few days before the exhibit, I decided to dedicate a painting to the women that I worked with. I stared at the blank canvas, picked up my pallet knife so that I could experience lots of texture that would lift off the surface and I quickly began dispersing vibrant colors. I wasn't sure where the piece was going, I just knew that my experience with them was rich and colorful...filled with emotions. And with all the "stuff" that piled up in their lives was a hidden treasure that was incredibly beautiful...If only they could see it.

This painting, "Beautiful", was only the beginning of my latest series, Impressions. It is my constant reminder of how amazing we are as women, dispite of the challenges we face.

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