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Read Between the Lines

On Thursday afternoon, I pulled three incomplete paintings out of the garage. I wasn't sure what I wanted to add to them...I just knew I wanted to experience vibrant colors and texure. From the depths of my soul I was pouring myself unto the canvas and suddenly one line at time appeared. After completion, my eight year old daughter suggested that the title should be "Between the Lines".

The following day...I kept thinking of the phrase "Read between the lines...". In the past, whenever I would hear or use that expression, it was never a good thing. Today, something else happen...I wrote the words that I would want to "read between the lines". I decided to create using my imagination verses my memory...recreating a crushing moment into a powerful one. I reached for my pen and reflecting on the use of colors in each painting I wrote this poem:

Radiant Light, you shine so bright.

You are the Love of my life.

My cool, my calm, my Peace at night.

I feel so secure when you hold me tight.

"Read Between the Lines"

"Radiant Light, Love and Peace"

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