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I love a great story. Here's a video of a couple that creates together. After watching the video, I read about how they met on Society6's website and I felt like it was both interesting and inspiring. Enjoy!


Corey has been renovating their house due to some rain damage so I asked Kit to give me the rundown of how their relationship came to fruition. Until a few months back, Corey was living in Florida and Kit in Ontario, Canada.

In Kit's words, here's how they went from Instagram fans to married, living in the countryside, and collaborating on canvas...

We started talking two years ago, but only met in person a year ago. Actually, he came up almost exactly a year ago to this date that we met for the first time. We hit it off immediately and decided we wanted to take this relationship seriously.

He came back for date two the following month when we decided to move in together.

Date three...he brought his daughter up and I met her. By this time, I already converted my studio into a bedroom for her - which is how the living room became the studio here.

Date four he met all my family and had Thanksgiving here.

Date five he proposed - end of October 2014.

And date six we got married. December 18.

Date seven he moved the rest of his stuff in and hasn't left back to the states since :)

And what's insane is it doesn't feel like it was all quick like that. It feels like we met a lifetime ago. And our families agree. They all think it makes perfect sense and not one comment about things being rushed. Even my momma who said no guy was good enough and didn't want me to marry, she was all for it.

Actually, she hated that I was "seeing" this guy from the internet that lived 24 hours away. Said "it's not organic. You need to find a local boy". Haha. Then she met him and was all for it.

I always liked the quote about only having me if you're sweeter than my solitude. People would jokingly propose online and I always said "Sorry. Married to my job". I loved being alone and creating and there was nothing better than that. I came to terms with the fact I'd die single and alone. Just surrounded by my paintings.

Not that I had given up on finding someone. Just no one was worth giving up my solitude for.

Then I found Corey, and nothing has ever made more sense in my whole life. I found he somehow made that time creating even more enjoyable. Not just enjoyable, but made it something else entirely.

Suddenly there was this new incredible thing I had never had before. I knew I wanted that for the rest of my life. We connected in a way I would've found inconceivable if not for experiencing it first hand. I feel incredibly fortunate to have married my two loves. Creating something that didn't exist the day before and my best friend.

Love and oils. I couldn't imagine a more perfect life.


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