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Raising Silkworms

For the past four years, every spring, I've raised silkworms. I get excited every season to watch the next generation grow through life creating these amazing silk cocoons and emerging from them a new creation. That's how I like to view life.

I have an opportunity to get an up close experience of a miracle from start to finish. One day, one of my students said, "That's messed up. They emerge from the cocoon only to mate, lay eggs and die?" My reponse was, "Perhaps it's such a short life so that we can experience the process and learn from it."

During some of the most challenging experiences in my life, I reflect on this transformational process. I ask myself, "How will this moment refine me? What am I learning about myself? How am I using my time in order to make things better?" These questions play a big role when I am creating art. They often take on many shapes and colors that will reflect a mood that will then transform into thought provoking images combined with layers of texture. My work is constantly taking on new forms and I love exploring new mediums that contributes to my expression. And of course, as I begin to give birth to new ideas, I am excited to share it with the rest of the world.

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